How to Get More Leads In Real Estate

Each month we like to blog about a feature for Symplete so you can get a more detailed picture of what our software can accomplish for your real estate business. This month it’s the ability of our software to generate both real estate seller leads and real estate buyer leads, both residential and commercial, as well as leads for rental properties.

Agents know that real estate is mostly a referral business … once you’ve been in the game long enough to close a lot of deals. Until then, generating real estate leads for new agents takes all available effort, and even after that point, you’ll likely need help getting leads to cover slow spots. If your sphere of influence is not strong, a referral system won’t work, and you’ll have to constantly generate new leads to make a nice income in this industry that, after all, has no earnings cap. This is why Symplete focuses one of its many features on lead generation: quality leads delivered directly to your inbox.

Social Media Sharing

You already use social media, but Symplete can help you supercharge it. When you want to list a property on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, it’s always a pain. You have to create an entirely new post, and most of all deal with three different interfaces. Wouldn’t it be easier to pipe posts into each of these platforms via one centralized location? This is what Symplete allows you to do. Select photos, add a description and add contact or viewing links, then simply post.

Agent Directory

We’ve built our own US agent directory, and you get access to it with Symplete. This means that you get to tap into a thriving network of buyers and sellers, promote your properties and close more deals. Every agent knows that connections equal closings, but your network can easily get tapped fully, or you can be a new agent with a very limited or even nonexistent sphere of influence.

Customizable Agent Websites

Is your website just another website? It can become a customizable agent website with the help of Symplete. Most agent websites look the same, or literally are the same because they work through a brokerage that just clones the pages of their agents and plugs in their name, number and headshot. Symplete lets you make your online presence stand out without requiring a lot of time when setting up or adjusting your website.

Property Websites

Every great property deserves a great website, and when the way you show a property stands out you end up as the agent at the table at closing time. Our powerful website builder allows you to drop property details right into place and create a website quickly and easily: address, photos, a description and various listing details. When you have a lot of properties you need to be able to create custom websites in an efficient way, particularly when you’re already pressed for time.

Why Symplete?

Now that you know the pros and cons of being a real estate agent, you have a better picture of the help you’ll need to stay efficient and on top of a group of competitive individuals for your local market. If you still think the job is for you, Symplete’s software will help you boost the pros and cut the cons by picking up your slow periods, reducing turnover and turning your grind into grist for the mill of making your real estate business boom.