Sell More With Instagram For Real Estate Agents

Instagram is the visual-based compliment to Facebook, and since it’s owned by Facebook it’s easy to cross-post and link your content. The platform has over a billion active daily users, so you’ll be sure to find people to target within your local market. The most important thing to remember is that as engaged as your people are on Facebook, they’ll be four times as engaged on Instagram. You can’t afford not to be on Instagram as part of your larger social media strategy for real estate agents. The platform is younger and more into social media in general, and you’ll likely be reaching outside your core audience if you focus on an older, more affluent crowd. But don’t neglect millenial money just because you have heard they don’t have the cash to buy homes, and don’t assume older folks with more earning potential aren’t on the platform. We’ll say it again—one billion active daily users, and they spend almost an hour on it per day versus half that on Facebook.

The Basics of Posting

There are a few things you need to do to get started once you’ve had some time to set up your account and get familiarized with the platform:

Advanced Posting Parameters

Once you get the basics of posting on IG down, it’s time to focus on more advanced tips. The number one piece of advice is this: learn what your audience likes the most and create the real estate content they engage in most.

Use Your Listings For Content

Your listings are natural content. Pictures, descriptions and property details … these are the headlines and captions you need for Instagram. Simply get posting! However, watch out and don’t rely on them too much or you’ll seem like you’re just piping MLS listings through to your Instagram page. Users don’t like lazy content creators because there are already so many of them out there. They know how to separate the wheat from the chaff, and when you invest in them they’ll invest in you.

Host Open Houses

Hosting in-person open houses can be exhausting, but you can do the same thing online, get more people seeing your properties than in-person and not waste time with all the prep you’d need if you had people actually walking through with you. Think about it—it’s a hassle to get somewhere after work, but it’s much easier to hop onto your phone and click into an Instagram Live feed on your commute home.

Be as Local as Possible

What makes your local area or each neighborhood in it unique? Don’t be the agent who has neighborhood sections on their websites with brief descriptions that might be anywhere in your state—show you actually are a local and understand what makes your area tick. After all, for most agents this is also where they call home.

Symplete Makes Social Easier

Posting your properties on Facebook is a time-consuming task. Wouldn’t it be nice if software could help you post your properties to social media, communicate with potential buyers, share those properties with other agents, and manage your workflow at every stage of the process up until close?

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