4 Tips For Real Estate Agents to Make More

All agents work their sphere of influence (SOI), but what happens when tapping this realm isn’t generating the income you want quickly enough anymore? Or if it’s plateaued in general? The answer is simple: expand your roles.

When you can’t boost your commission in your existing market or just land more sales, you’ve got to take on additional roles to increase your income beyond the average real estate broker salary. This most definitely means going outside your comfort zone, but once you’re there your new territory will be part of that zone as well. And the added confidence from playing outside your sandbox won’t hurt on your next job in the role you picked first, either. Below are our four tips for real estate agents to make more: expand yourself into rentals, investment, development, and management.

Represent Rental Clients

Are you having trouble breaking into the listing market for residential real estate in your area? It’s a tough beginning because every other broker either wants in or is protecting their territory. That’s why you may need to look to rentals, particularly as a beginning agent—there are so many people looking to rent today that the demand for agents in most markets is absolutely insatiable. Don’t get so attached to helping people buy or sell that you neglect valuable rental income. Typically the commission on a rental is a month’s rent split between you and the broker. The upside is that you can flip renters into buyers if you provide excellent memorable service, and it only takes a day or so of work to secure a rental.

Why Symplete?

Now that you know the pros and cons of being a real estate agent, you have a better picture of the help you’ll need to stay efficient and on top of a group of competitive individuals for your local market. If you still think the job is for you, Symplete’s software will help you boost the pros and cut the cons by picking up your slow periods, reducing turnover and turning your grind into grist for the mill of making your real estate business boom.